Logo DesignAn attractive icon can create a first and lasting impression. A very appearance of an icon can draw the attention of the person at a first glance. However, this fact is often underestimated in software development, although most people buy shareware products within the first hours after they download them. So the commercial success of any shareware program very much depends on how good the program looks compared to its competitors.

The desktop icon of an application is the first thing the user sees after the installation. After that, there are icons in the interface that influence the user's impression of the application. The user sees them, uses them, operates them and these very icons (provided other factors are alright) influence the ultimate decision to buy the program.

Our creation process is planned to put user needs in first place, coordinating constant studies, updates and resources. As result, our created icons have been largely known as references of style, functionality and look and feel.

We offer the following services in icon designing

  • Toolbar and menu icon design
  • Software identity design
  • Design of website icons
  • Logo icon design for an application

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