Logo DesignIf you have mastered PowerPoint, you may wonder why you should bother converting your PowerPoint presentation to Flash. After all, most people in companies probably have PowerPoint installed on their computers, and if they don’t they can download that free PowerPoint player to view your presentation.

This is first major reason to convert your PowerPoint file to Flash:

Smaller is better

If you use software to convert your PowerPoint to Flash, your PowerPoint presentation will be turned into a Flash file that is a lot smaller in file size than your original PowerPoint file.

emailing people large PowerPoint files is unecessary since Flash files are easy to post to the web and stream on the Internet so viewers can start to watch them immediately without waiting for a download, and they play through firewalls. Converting your PowerPoint file before you share it is a professional courtesy that saves you and your colleagues' time.

Distributing your projects on CD and DVD is a snap

We can create Flash projectors for Windows, Mac and Linux, which is the perfect way to distribute PowerPoint presentations on CD-ROMs and DVD-ROMs. In addition, Flash files can be played at any screen size, making it an ideal format for distributing presentations across many display devices.

Make your presentations more secure.

PowerPoint files can be edited, so your slides can be easily reused by other people, including your competitors. Flash output, on the other hand can only be played and not edited, which makes your files more secure. In addition We offer other security options in its Flash output, such as the ability to restrict playback to specific domains and watermarking.

Now we come to benefit of converting your PowerPoint to Flash:

It's the easiest way to add video, audio and Flash to your PowerPoint presentations.

Synchronize a video to your entire PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint adds a video to a single slide. You can't run a video in conjunction with a PowerPoint file (for instance, video of a speaker running alongside the PowerPoint presentation they used during their speech). We synchronize a video with an entire PowerPoint presentations.

Keep your multimedia project as a single file

With PowerPoint you end up with an external video file, whereas with Flash you can get the project into one single file.

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